Investment Approach

“Creating a future we can be proud of for the next generation”―― We value innovators and businesses making the world a better place. We focus on strategic investments that have the potential to transform society more than merely the size of its estimated financial return.


We seek to invest in market areas which Yahoo Japan may be unfamiliar with, while leveraging the core business assets of Yahoo Japan group companies as well as our members’ experience and networks. Our current investment focus is on two areas: blockchain and mobility.

Our Portfolio



In addition to funding, we provide strategic and operational support to increase business growth for our portfolio companies. We match hands-on support with each of our portfolio companies through an interactive discussion, ensuring the support provided is personalized and effective each time.


  • Mentoring
  • Establishing the corporate structure required for an IPO preparation
  • Advice on IP strategy and operational support
  • Insights around IT security management and operations
  • Support for qualitative and quantitative user research
  • Advice on data analysis and practical support
  • Insights on customer service improvement and lifecycle engagement
  • Advice on CS improvement and practical support
  • Strategies around UI/UX optimizations and design

Leveraging our business assets

We aim to unlock the maximum value of our portfolio companies by leveraging the combined business assets of the Yahoo Japan group and the network of our expert advisors.


  • Creating new value by combining data and utilizing network insights
  • Application of the latest technological research results
  • Creating new value by forming strategic alliance with existing services